E-Scooter Safety Innovation Project - Feedback Session

EDGE Innovation and MicroMobility Partners have collaborated alongside a range of stakeholders including Local Authorities, operators, pedestrians and e-scooter users to understand safety issues associated with e-scooter use. With the hope that new innovative solutions can be created to make them safer for both the users and pedestrians.

Earlier this year, design specialists Edge Innovation and industry experts MicroMobility Partners launched a new project to design innovative approaches to solve safety-related issues associated with e-scooter use. The main safety issues addressed included low levels of helmet use, more than one person riding an e-scooter at one time, inaccurate geofencing which impacts pavement riding, speed restrictions and problems with signalling. Edge and MicroMobility Partners worked with the operators, commissioners, and users to understand the challenges arising to decide on the appropriate response and solutions to overcome these challenges.

22 June 2023
10:00 am11:00 am


We would like to invite you to a one hour feedback session where we will present back the initial findings and outcomes of the project. The session will take place online via Zoom.

The project has been funded with funding from the UK government and administered by UKRI.

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