At Edge, we believe that supporting organisations to implement design-led thinking can lead to positive growth. That’s why we are introducing a new design thinking training programme facilitated by our very own knowledgeable design team that is flexible to your needs.

Our course is designed for professionals within the corporate, private and public sectors looking to create a practical understanding of design-led thinking and how to apply it. Our hands-on course will enable you to experience design thinking in action utilising key principles and methods. You will also have the opportunity to use the our specialist set of design innovation tools, processes and systems to realise better products and solutions, faster, through an approach which puts people at the heart of design.

Design innovation training package

This training will take you through a range of interactive processes and activities that will help you to develop a greater understanding of your users’ needs and how you can develop your proposition.

Creating a comprehensive understanding of what your consumer is feeling, thinking, and saying and how they are behaving provides an important insight into the complete consumer journey and their requirements.

The opportunity to receive personalised coaching will help you to solve complex problems and find innovative solutions through the implementation of design-led thinking.

May 2023 programme overview

Between May 26th and July 14th 2023, we will be hosting four face-to-face workshops with an additional four hours of personalised 1-to-1 design-led coaching to support participants to develop good practice.

Training will take place at the Northern Design Centre, Gateshead.

Sept 2023 programme overview