Grow Tees Valley Conference

The Grow Tees Valley Conference is designed to help local businesses access the expertise, market opportunities, support and finance they need to grow. The Conference is free to attend.


Exhibitors Grow Tees Valley 2022

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Meet the exhibitors showcasing their products and services at the Grow Tees Valley Conference. This is a fantastic opportunity to network with local organisations to stay in touch with the latest trends and gain access to a broad range of products and services. Interacting with exhibitors allows you to expand your existing knowledge, connect with people and build new relationships, which can add value to your organisation and career. Prepare for the conference by reading what each exhibitor has to offer and how they can benefit you.

Speakers Grow Tees Valley Conference 2022

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Join the 200+ local business leaders attending renowned speakers at the Grows Tees Valley Conference. Here you will obtain insightful information, including the latest developments in the Tees Valley economy, the identification of funding opportunities that can help stimulate growth, and how to access support.

Workshops Grow Tees Valley Conference

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At our Grow Tees Valley Conference, you can attend seminars and workshops that teach you how to accelerate business growth through the support and funding grants available. The seminars and workshops provide you with valuable information on how organisations can deliver economic impact without comprising social value, whilst helping you identify solutions to overcome organisational barriers, and how SMEs can unlock new growth opportunities.